Noah’s Ark replica built by former Brisbane science teacher

Why liberals are so pathetically fixated on Watergate December 30, The GOP tax plan is not the apocalypse liberals think it is December 9, 9: And when I say reservations, I mean reservations for a heavy-duty rubber room at the nearest lunatic asylum Unhinged coverage of Trump is hurting the media November 25, Turn the dial back down from A year ago this week, I Let’s just cancel the Oscars November 18, If the ceremony goes on as planned, everything about it is going to remind us of the Sad millennials have ruined Halloween October 28, Why paying people to fix their lives doesn’t work October 7, 1:

The community of Reason

The Golden Age of Freethought How freethinkers broadened the appeal of their secularist message in the late 19th century. To describe the last quarter of the nineteenth and the first decade of the twentieth centuries as a golden age of freethought is to suggest not that a majority of Americans were persuaded by rationalist or antireligious arguments but that those arguments reached a much broader public than they ever had in the past. Unlike eighteenth-century deists, nearly all of whom identified with Jeffersonian democracy, American freethinkers of the late nineteenth century were anything but unified in their political views, which ran the gamut from anarchism to Spencerian conservatism.

Freethinkers might be Democrats, rock-ribbed Republicans, or, on occasion, socialists with either a capital or a small s. The one political concern that did unite all freethinkers was their support for absolute separation of church and state, which translated into opposition to any tax support of religious institutions-especially parochial schools. For the most part, tax support of religious schools had been a nonissue on a national basis before the Civil War-although New York City’s Catholic leadership had pushed unsuccessfully in the s for government subsidy, long established in many European countries, of religious education.

Freethought organizations developed the “Jugendweihe” (literally Youth consecration), a secular “confirmation” ceremony, and atheist funeral rites. The Union of Freethinkers for Cremation was founded in , and the Central Union of German Proletariat Freethinker in The two groups merged in , becoming the German Freethinking Association in

For the unaware, it may seem like they have it all together with the perfect set of friends. The extroverted-intuitive-thinking-perceiver does come with its fair share of problems, mostly at the shaft of its gifts. Their dominant function is extroverted intuition followed by introverted thinking, extroverted feeling, and introverted sensing.

The ENTP is one of the most social creatures, its identity practically built around the scene of a social group. The ENTP is enthusiastic, upbeat, and popular. But there are so many people that they feel the need to see that sometimes it can be frustrating that they can’t know all of them super well. There are so many exciting things in an ENTP’s mind, but often it doesn’t go anywhere.

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Freethinkers include atheists, agnostics, secular humanists and rationalists. No one can be a freethinker who demands conformity to a bible, creed, or messiah. To the freethinker, revelation is invalid and orthodoxy is no guarantee of truth.

Hundreds of Reasons to Leave America! Copyright – Winston Wu. Winston Wu speaks the truth and because people cannot counterattack his statements they attack his character like shameless lawyers. Because of my experience living in Costa Rica for four months in I found Winston to be a preacher of enlightenment and truth. I feel so much better about myself when I am around foreign people.

I feel really energized. I feel more relaxed and at ease. Everything moves with the flow. Just like you said. You really helped me tremendously.

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Mexico 6 Great Colonial Mexican Cities Mexico’s colonial cities are alive with culture—bustling markets, Baroque cathedrals, and archaeological museums. Susan Morgan delivers the definitive guide to six that are all an easy drive from the capital. It’s two days after Christmas, and my husband, Tom, and I are on our way to Mexico’s central highlands.

Our plan, to explore the country’s fabled colonial cities, was born of circling conversations and books read including eccentric memoirs—stories written by aged conquistadors, tough-minded British freethinkers, and ambassadors’ wives as well as our dedication to visual culture, architectural history, and finding good things to eat.

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Then in his mid s, the sometime teacher, travelling salesman, farmer and lawyer from the town of Sidney in Ohio was counting up his regrets from his hospital bed, and the one that gnawed at him the most was that he had done nothing to advance the cause of freethinking secularism. Fearing the damage that an open avowal of unbelief would do locally to his business and reputation, he had kept his irreligious views concealed for decades.

Still, he wanted to make good on his hospital pledge, and saw no need now to wait for a posthumous testimonial. Investing much of his savings in the project, he wanted it to be the largest monument in the Sidney graveyard, and he pulled off the installation in August The result was imposing: Also, as his beloved Ingersoll was wont to do, Roman slipped in some bourgeois moralising with his irreligious polemic: Detail of the inscription upon the tombstone of Christian Roman in Sidney, Ohio.

Photo courtesy the author. After two world wars and the Great Depression, humanistic self-regard paled before the sterner stuff of neo-orthodox faith and, with the dawning of the Cold War, there was little room for doubting God, Jesus and the Bible without seeming to underwrite Soviet communism and atheism. American freethinkers had long been preoccupied with the public memorialising of their incredulity and anticlericalism.

Chennai Freethinkers’ Sixteenth meet – A Synopsis

Hey Fred and kermit are you 2 out of the 4? I don’t kinow how old the eargth is.. I do kbnow it isn’t 6, years as a lot of youbng earhers do.. I suspect it is over 20, The consensus opinion of scientists believe the earth to be about 4. They have no trouble tracing radioactive elements all the way back to that point.

Freethinkers argue that religion promotes a dangerous and inadequate “morality” based on blind obedience, unexamined ultimatums, and “pie-in-the-sky” rewards of heaven or gruesome threats of hell. Freethinkers try to base actions on their consequences to real, living human beings.

Did a historical Jesus exist? The power of faith has so forcefully driven the minds of most believers, and even apologetic scholars, that the question of reliable evidence gets obscured by tradition, religious subterfuge, and outrageous claims. The following gives a brief outlook about the claims of a historical Jesus and why the evidence the Christians present us cannot serve as justification for reliable evidence for a historical Jesus. All claims about Jesus derive from writings of other people.

There occurs no contemporary Roman record that shows Pontius Pilate executing a man named Jesus. Devastating to historians, there occurs not a single contemporary writing that mentions Jesus. All documents about Jesus came well after the life of the alleged Jesus from either: Although one can argue that many of these writings come from fraud or interpolations, I will use the information and dates to show that even if these sources did not come from interpolations, they could still not serve as reliable evidence for a historical Jesus, simply because all sources about Jesus derive from hearsay accounts.

Hearsay means information derived from other people rather than on a witness’ own knowledge. Courts of law do not generally allow hearsay as testimony, and nor does honest modern scholarship. Hearsay does not provide good evidence, and therefore, we should dismiss it.


February 12, – April 19, Where: Father of the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection is hailed in the mainstream scientific community as the unifying theory of the life sciences. He has been elevated to demigod status and given a place of esteem in the public arena, where any ideas outside his outdated theory are systematically and unfairly expelled.

But Darwin wasn’t a god. He wasn’t even a demigod.

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Oh yeah and I live in Arlington, TX. Now if more of the older age group would follow suit. Z, I have a similar problem. Jakes, Creflo Dollar — come on: But it sure would be nice to meet a group of blacks who operate by reason and critical thought. Maybe it could be the start of real change for us. AnAfricanAtheist What an interesting thread this is.

I am certain to be publicly ridiculed and accorded treatment usually reserved for prostitutes when my atheism becomes more publicised, and this by my friends and family. My atheism has had a massive impact on every facet of my life. Meet Ayaan Hirsi Ali , a Somali by birth and one of the coolest atheists out there. They just say they are more rare. Go make some pledge to his show or sign up for access to his archives.

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