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How to Open a Watch Case While opening a watch isn’t rocket science, a watch can be damaged if you try to open it incorrectly. Never use a screwdriver to try to open a case. If you really aren’t sure what to do, take it to one of your local jewelers and ask them to show you how to open it. While it is open, make sure you record everything written on the movement of the watch and the watch case. These details can sometimes be important. A good description of how to open a pocket watch case and background information can be found here , thanks to the work of Kent Singer. Opening wrist watch cases, especially ones made after around , some times requires special tools. Earlier wrist watches are often similar to pocket watches. Watch movement made by Elgin National Watch Co.

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The Manufacture – History History of Zenith watches Browse the history of the Zenith Manufacture online, from its foundation by Georges Favre-Jacot and the creation of the first pocket chronograph. This legendary wristwatch chronometer movement equipped with a small seconds function was to earn no less than prizes. It is the only one capable of measuring short times to the nearest tenth of a second, thanks to its balance oscillating at a frequency of 36, vibrations per hour.

Early Gruen watches included pocket watches and wristwatches for men and women. Gruen watches were known for their elegant and thin design, marketed by the company as VeriThin. The American-based family-owned Gruen Watch Company closed in , but Gruen watches were made in Switzerland until

Learn the approx age of your movement by looking up the movement’s start of production date. Visually locate your movement on the map. Great for eBay sellers that need to quickly find movement Caliber Numbers for their movement listings! Shortcut-dating of Your Gruen Watch Don’t want to take the time to get a really accurate answer on the tutorial page?

OK, let’s ease you into it. Find the Style Number Date of your watch using the calculator below. Find the movement caliber number on your movement. Use it to find the date on the Caliber-Date Table. Find the date your Case was manufactured. Look up the serial number on the Serial Number Page. This is THE most important of the dates as it’s really your watch’s “birthday”.

Find the serial number on your movement. Look it up on the same serial number page as 3.

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Their revolutionary business plan was to manufacture the movement parts of watches so precisely that they would become fully interchangeable. Based upon the experience of earlier failed trials, Howard and Dennison eventually perfected and patented their precision watch making machines, creating what has been called the American System of Watch Manufacturing.

American Horologe Company Warren Manufacturing Company [ edit ] The original name of the company, which began operations in , is unclear. Some sources say the name was the “American Horologe Company”. However, in , Dennison stated that the first company name was the Warren Manufacturing Company, named for General Warren of Roxbury , a famous soldier of the War of Independence. The word “watch” was specifically omitted to retain secrecy of the novel operation.

Vintage Gruen Watches. Related Categories. Auction Alerts. Common as they are today, wristwatches are a relatively new entry into the world of timepieces. In fact, as recently as the early decades of the 20th century, men considered wristwatches too effeminate, instead favoring traditional pocket watches. While a variety of factors helped shift.

The last Elgin movement made in America was produced in In between, pinning an individual Elgin down to a specific year and model can be a bit of a chore. Starting around , Elgin used model numbers to identify unique case designs. In the s, the use of model numbers was supplemented by individual model names. The model numbers remained, however, and are the key to finding replacement parts for Elgins of the period. Identification of a watch is a process, typically done as follows: First, establish that the watch is, in fact an Elgin.

Second, attempt to identify the model by matching the case to known examples or to identification resources. If that fails, identify and date the movement to narrow your search and try again to identify the case. We look at each of these issues, below. Is it really an Elgin? The case back can also provide insight into the manufacturer.

The presence of a signed crown will add another piece to the puzzle, however, they were not used for all, or even the majority, of models.

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If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. As with all our watches this comes complete with band so is ready to wear or add to your collection straight away. This watch is best noted for its highly unusual cushion shape, its curvex design and its rose dial. The original Gruen signed case is a true beauty.

Gruen Style Numbers that are found in cases of vintage Gruen watches can be used to date Gruen watches accurately. This Style Number Dating Technique is described in detail. The page is a peer reviewed and published paper in the NAWCC and the AWCI horological journals.

Another wrench spanner for you Brits in the toolbox is always welcomed as Gruen collectors need all the help they can get. One was developed by Jack Wood, the other Barry Cooper. Both are top-notch Gruen historians and researchers. Before presenting the tables and techniques, a word about case dating If you want to know the exact age of your watch, then this date is what you are seeking. Let’s call this date, the date your Wadsworth case was made, the Wadsworth Date. For identification research, the critical date is the “Introduction Date”, the date the watch model was first introduced to the public for sale.

The reason for this is simple; you are most likely to find the most information published about a watch when it first went up for sale. Advertisements and catalogs, the primary source of your identification data, will contain the newest models, not those that have been shipping for 4 or 5 years. Your Wadsworth Date will be later than the Introduction Date.

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Dial signed by retailer, Arthur A Everts of Dallas. Very rare high grade 8 day movement from Agassiz, one of Switzerland’s premier watchmakers. The watch was retailed by Arthur A Everts a famed Dallas jeweler in the early 20th century. This is a classic design form the height of the Art Deco era, very collectible.! A beautiful Agassiz pocket watch made for a high end american retailer, this high grade movement is amongst the finest that the swiss were making at this time , and the ‘petite’ size made it easy to wear in a waistcoat!

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Dating a vintage Citizen watch. This serial number is usually 8 digits. Click here to find out how you can. Is there anything similar for Citizen watches? The serial number has the manufacturing date embedded in it. With Citizen Watches it was thought that the Serial number worked in the. I have no idea about Citizen serial numbers. Although there isn’t a production date calculator as for Seiko available for Citizens, their use of consistent serial numbers from around the.

The serial number on yours gives a production date of May, — it could.

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My research pal Barry and I have spent many months devising a way to date Gruen watch models using the information stamped in the back of the watch’s case. You can find the full article that includes a detailed description of how to correctly use this new technique using this link: I’m providing a link because the full text includes a table that is important and somewhat lengthy. If I get requests to post the article in it’s entirety in response to this post, then I’ll try to pull together some way of doing it.

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Seen in the 18 carat gold case of an Eterna watch. Also seen in an unidentified nine carat gold watch case with Glasgow Assay Office import hallmarks for to date letter “d” , shown in the image here. The movement is an A. Schild calibre which carries the trademark “Sunbeam ” engraved on the barrel bridge. It seems likely that the PdM was registered by a separate company that made the watch case. This is an interesting observation because the vast majority of early Rolex Oyster cases that I have seen have PdM No.

One of these marks is also reproduced here, from a Rolex Oyster case with Glasgow Assay Office import hallmarks for to

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